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Sample queries

You can retrieve InvFEST inversions by using the query box above. A genome position can be specified by a chromosomal coordinate range, a cytological band, the InvFEST accession number of an inversion, or a gene symbol. The following list shows examples of valid position queries:

Additionally, you can refine your search by adding one or more filters (click at < Add filter > and select appropriate options).

About the reference assembly

Coordinates for all inversions in the InvFEST database are according to the March 2006 human reference sequence (NCBI Build 36.1, hg18) produced by the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium. The NCBI Build 36.1 reference sequence is considered to be "finished", a technical term indicating that the sequence is highly accurate (with fewer than one error per 10,000 bases) and highly contiguous (with the only remaining gaps corresponding to regions whose sequence cannot be reliably resolved with current technology). For further information on this assembly, see:

However, our database can be queried using hg19 coordinates as well. These hg19 coordinates will be lifted over to hg18 coordinates before performing the query to InvFEST, and the resulting hg18 coordinates will be used to query the database.
Further information can be found in the Help section “Why do we not translate inversion coordinates into hg19?”.